Probably the Best Pear in the World – Truval Conference Pear

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Truval conference pears are grown in the famed Sint-Truiden Valley – The Belgium Fruit Valley at the East of Belgium. Truval conference pears are the Belgium’s top exported fruit and the best-selling pear in Europe and Russia region.

Farmed with integrated pest management with the respect for the environment, Truval conference pears meet the strictest food safety norms and are renowned as the best quality pears in the market.

Each pear contains high levels of antioxidants and soluble fibre as well as Vitamin C.

Renowned for their refreshing taste, the pears can be be eaten crunchy while it is harvested green and firm

When it has about 30% covered with gold dots, it is the best time to enjoy the pear because it is the right crunchiness!

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When the neck of the pear is slightly soft when pressed and the flesh is juicier. It is the sweetest time of the pear! It is the best time to feed the babies and elderly!

You can easily remove stem of Truval conference pear and finish the whole pear without cutting!! (Please get our promoters to demonstrate to you!)


Truval Conference Pear is a healthy choice as a daily fruit. It is suitable for people of all ages.

Truval Conference Pears has good flavour characteristics and excellent storage properties which makes it as the most renown pear in Europe.


Contain 498 antioxidants per 200g pear helping reduce the risk of cancer and cardiovascular illness.

helps reduce bad cholesterol maintain balanced blood sugar levels.


Unique, excellent farming methods resulting in fantastic quality Conference pears.



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